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Pipelines are the lifeblood of our company. MaxLond Ltd is an industry leader in water, wastewater and oil pipeline construction, design and engineering consultancy, with comprehensive planning and pipeline contractor services. We specialize in industrial, institutional and municipal water and wastewater pipelines and installation systems and oil pipelines projects.

MaxLond provides high quality general and mechanical contracting to the water, wastewater and oil industry. Our focus on safety/environment, quality and schedule ensure the integrity of every project we undertake. Water, wastewater and oil pipeline infrastructure systems is complex and it need an experienced company to implement it.

We specialise in installation of new sewer main lines and water main lines with big sizes of pipes (GRP, HDPE, Ductile Iron, Concrete, Carbon Steel). We excel at main sewer line street work and associated traffic control which is necessary with sewer design and installation.

Municipal and government sewer systems and projects are the most critical part of our environment. MaxLond has an experience in large-scale municipal roadway construction projects requiring complex installation and engineered shoring for deep sewer main line trenching and installation, manhole building, sewer pump / lift stations.

We are proficient in deep trench installations and we can install sewers ranging from 8- to 30-inches in size and depths of 30-feet. Public safety, environmental safety, and preservation of natural resources all play a role in sewer system design.

Our Piping System Design

The engineering department of Maxlond Ltd specialises in industrial piping design.

Typical design tasks undertaken include:

  • Piping design and detail.
  • P&ID, Piping general arrangements and piping isometric drawing production.
  • Pipe support design and detail.
  • Piping stress analysis – statics and seismic dynamics.
  • Piping material take off / Bills of Material / Schedules.
  • Site survey.
  • Piping as built drawings.
  • Piping feasibility studies.
  • Piping clash detection.

The company utilises Computer Aided Design software AutoDesk AutoCAD , Autodesk Navisworks  and Intergraph CADWorx to analyse piping design criteria and produce deliverables to client’s requirements. The company’s engineering department has many years experience, and regularly produces piping construction drawings to tight programmes.

Using CADWorx 3D modelling software, Maxlond Ltd has the capability to design to a variety of design codes, which include:

  • BS EN 13480
  • ASME B31.3

Using our proven design capability as well as expert knowledge in digital and additive manufacturing we research, develop and create innovative, exciting products and advanced technologies. We believe in the strong and enduring link between design and manufacture and our approach is based on a pragmatic and customer driven process. Please browse our website and review our services and if you would like to advance your design, digital manufacture or 3D print project to the next level please get in touch to speak with us.

MaxLond Ltd is committed to providing you with the best service safely, on time, and in a quality-driven manner for all water and wastewater pipelines construction needs.

Our services

Pipeline Construction

Maxlond Ltd install and fabricate water, wastewater and oil pipelines. Maxlond can work in complex projects and can implement carbon steel pipes, ductile iron, concrete and HDPE pipes.

Pumping Station Construction

Maxlond Ltd can design, construct water and wastewater pumping stations including Archimedes Screw Pumps, centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps.

Piping System Design

The Engineering department of Maxlond Ltd Specialises in industrial piping design. The company utilises Computer Aided Design software AutoDesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Navis works and Integraph CADWorx to analyse piping design criteria and produce deliverables to client’s requirements.

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