Concrete Pipe Pipelines

Concrete Pipe Pipelines

Concrete Pipes Implementation works

Reinforced concrete pipes, or RCPs, are used in storm sewer systems and water sewer system. The installation of these pipes is challenging because they are heavy and require heavy equipment to move and place them.

We, Maxlond Ltd work in those projects, we have good experience in such projects, we can design concrete pipe-pipelines and networks, and we are ready to be in an engineering consultation position to manage such works.

We provide all services for

Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Maxlond Ltd is an installer of all environmental and sewage waste water treatment solutions and bio systems. We can help design and install all types of systems from large projects.

Maxlond’s fully integrated service for all pipework includes:

Design (including 3D modelling)
Stress and structural analysis
On-site fabrication
Supply, Installation and testing.

Our specific aim on all projects is provide a comprehensive management and planning service, insuring that the project runs smoothly from the initial brief through to completion, whilst maintaining our high standards of health and safety, quality and environmental concerns.