Sewerage pumping station

Sewerage pumping station

Pumping Stations

Pumping stations are used to collect and move foul or surface water from one location to another where gravity cannot be used. This could include applications such as pumping ground run-off water or getting sewage into a drainage system.

We provide all manner of pumping station packages that are cost effective and designed to meet your specific business needs.

Sewage and storm pumping station installations

Pumping stations are either installed below or above ground depending on each application. Pump stations typically have a standby pump to ensure you can also remove waste water from your site.

In some applications, three or more pumps may be needed to reach the required duty and the system will sometimes need the back up of a spare pump.

Foul and surface water pumping station construction

Foul and surface water pump stations are built with the following components:

  • A tank and sump which can be made from concrete, GRP or plastics
  • Pipework usually made from PVC, ABS or ductile iron
  • Non-return valves to prevent the pumped water from flooding back into the tank
  • Isolation valves to allow you to access the tank with both the inlet and discharge closed off
  • Guide rails for easy maintenance of the system
  • Lifting chains
  • Control panel
  • Level control including a high level alarm

While we offer a standard range of pump stations, we have the ability to customise and build a pump station to suit your specific needs. This includes single pump systems and above-ground dry well pump systems through to complete schemes built to Sewers for Adoption standards.

The installation or repair of a pump station will depend on your circumstances. The pumping station can either be pre-built offsite or constructed and built onsite. Our experts are: professional, qualified to work in confined spaces, trained to engineer solutions quickly and understand the importance of keeping your system running.

Packaged pump stations systems

Our packaged pump station systems include designing, manufacturing, supplying, and commissioning. As part of the packaged pump station project, we include the specification, drawings and full flow and head calculations as required.

Our packaged pump systems come with the option of single or dual pumps, plastic or GRP tanks, PVC or ductile iron pipework, basic controls or telemetry. As engineers, if our standard systems do not meet your requirements, we have the flexibility and expertise which allows us to design and manufacture the perfect solution.

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