Screw pump pumping station

Screw pump pumping station

Archimedes Screw Pumps

Archimedes screw pumps are one of the most efficient methods of pumping water and as such are employed in a wide range of applications.

Maxlond Ltd has the technical support and design expertise to provide a complete support package for any brand of screw pump. From essential maintenance to complete replacement, Maxlond Ltd can deliver turnkey projects to keep these vital assets in optimum condition.

Maxlond Ltd is a professional in designing, manufacturing, supplying, mounting and maintaining many types of Archimedean screw pump configurations. With a detailed screw pump selection program and qualified dedicated engineers in the UK, plus a full installation team the optimum screw pump solution can be developed for any particular application.

Applications include:

  • Archimedes screw pump design
  • Archimedes screw pump installation
  • influent pumping stations
  • waste water treatment plants
  • intermediate pumping stations
  • return sludge pumping stations
  • irrigation projects
  • drainage projects
  • reclamation of wetlands
  • circulation within aeration systems
  • wild water tracks in fun parks
  • industrial applications
  • storm water applications

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